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Sherwood Housewares products are designed to surprise.

Elegant touch points.

Modern lines.

Engineered to last.

Sherwood Housewares is creative culinary engineering.

the sherwood process

The Sherwood team believes in perfecting every category they touch. In order to do so, they see what is and isn't working in the kitchen now. Talking to people. Reading reviews. First-hand product testing. It all leads to finding what's right, what isn't and what needs to be better. 

an example

Frothed milk is a big part of many favorite coffee drinks, but often very difficult to make at home without a trained barista. The espresso maker may have a steam wand included, but that steam wand can be difficult to handle. Hold it to far down and you get a hot mess. Hold it not far enough and you've got sub-par froth. Not too mention it's filling your milk with hot water throughout the process.

Milk frothers take that out of the equation by frothing with the press of a button. Great idea!

A peek inside what makes the Sherwood Milk Frother tick, er, froth.


Most use a spindle system to stir the milk, similar to a blender. That spindle needs to work its way up from the motor to the milk though, leaving spaces for milk to get in and gunk up. Plus this spindle doesn't move, so getting milk out of all those nooks and crannies becomes a pain in the... neck. Not so great an idea.

Many frothers also use time as the basis for frothing, so your milk may end up making your hot latte cold.


Sherwood's team went to work on these issues. How can we spin the whisk without reaching down to the motor? Magnets! We developed a magnetic induction system where a magnet on the motor drives a magnet located in the whisk. So there's no spindle. No nooks. Just a flat, easy wipe surface after all that luscious froth is poured out. We also know how important keeping your drink hot can be, so we set the heat settings based on temperature rather than time. Your finished milk will also be 150F. Hot enough to enjoy, not hot enough to scald. Unless you want a cold drink, then just hold down the button for cold froth.


We're confident you'll find this to be the most intelligent, well-engineered frother on the market today. It's creative culinary engineering.